Need an AC Unit in Lawton & Elgin, OK and surrounding areas?

Need an AC Unit in Lawton & Elgin, OK and surrounding areas?

Air conditioning installation is easier than you think

Worried that installing a new AC unit will cost you precious time and money? Your air conditioning installation doesn't need to disturb your peace or break the bank. D & R Heating & Air offers affordable air conditioners, and can install your new unit quickly.

Call our office in Lawton & Elgin, OK and surrounding areas to talk to an air conditioning installation technician about which unit is right for your home.

Is your old AC unit costing you money?

If you've been living with an older AC unit, you'll be amazed by all the benefits your new one can provide. When you get a new air conditioning installation from D & R Heating & Air, you'll enjoy:

  • Improved air quality: Older units can develop mold or mildew inside the machinery, circulating back into your home's air.
  • Increased energy-efficiency: SEER 13 or higher units can save you money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Innovative technology: Modern units use a safer refrigerant and make less noise thanks to new innovations.
If you're ready to upgrade your air conditioning unit in the Lawton & Elgin, OK and surrounding areas, call 580-353-7793 now.