Wall-Mounted AC Systems Can Make Every Room Comfy

Wall-Mounted AC Systems Can Make Every Room Comfy

Schedule ductless mini-split system services in Elgin & Lawton, OK & surrounding areas

Ductless HVAC mini-split systems are wall-mounted heating and cooling systems for single- or multi-room use. These smaller ductless units are a great substitute for traditional window AC units. Not only do they free up your windows, but they are also energy efficient. And unlike traditional window AC units, ductless systems only require a small hole in the wall.

D & R Heating & Air installs ductless mini-split systems in Elgin & Lawton, OK & surrounding areas. Our air duct services also include testing and repairing mini-split systems. Call today to learn more about mini-split systems and our ductless mini-split system services.

Why go mini?

One of the leading alternatives to traditional central heating and cooling systems is the ductless mini-split system. Smaller than the average wall-mounted HVAC system, mini-split systems are less invasive to your home. You'll love your ductless unit because:

  • It'll reduce air leakages
  • It'll free up window and wall space
  • It'll increase home security
  • It'll improve energy-efficiency
  • It'll heat and cool multiple rooms

At D & R Heating & Air, we'll help you pick the best ductless HVAC system for your Elgin & Lawton, OK & surrounding areas home. Contact us at 580-353-7793 to schedule your mini-split system installation today.