HVAC Installation in Lawton & Elgin, OK and surrounding areas

HVAC Installation in Lawton & Elgin, OK and surrounding areas

Heating & Cooling Service

Furnace, Air Conditioning, Air Duct Installation, Mini Split Systems

Your furnace has broken down again, and you think it's about time for a new one. Maybe your 15-year-old air conditioner has finally breathed its last breath. Turn to D & R Heating & Air of Lawton & Elgin, OK and surrounding areas for an HVAC installation. We can replace your furnace, air conditioning unit or mini-split system with one that's more reliable and efficient. Don't wait until the hottest or coldest day of the year!

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3 signs your HVAC unit needs to be replaced

If you're constantly dealing with HVAC issues, it might be time to upgrade your unit. Here are a few signs your air conditioner or furnace might be due for a replacement:

  1. Your unit is more than 15 years old
  2. Your unit requires frequent, expensive repairs
  3. Your unit takes a long time to get your space to the chosen temperature

Consult with D & R Heating & Air about installing a new heating or cooling unit.

We choose repair over replacement

Often times, your furnace or air conditioner just needs a replacement part. Our certified technicians will never try to push a new unit on you when a simple repair will solve the issue.